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Manicure set

(100 avis client)


Informations complémentaires

Poids 1.00 kg
Dimensions 260 × 150 × 180 cm

A, B

UGS : CJBJZJMJ00284 Catégorie :

Material: metal, plastic

Informations complémentaires

Poids 1.00 kg
Dimensions 260 × 150 × 180 cm

A, B

100 avis pour Manicure set

  1. R***r

    A good set for such money. Came in a full set, the files are worn out, the seller put two small jars of colored gel as a gift. Lamp and milling cutter in working condition. Cutters are better to buy separately.
    no remark

  2. R***r

    Will go
    no remark

  3. S***r

    Thank you, my daughter is delighted

  4. B***

    very fast shipping thanks seller :)five stars

  5. V***o

    In Primorye 1,5 weeks
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  6. R***r

    For 2000 rubles it's just kapets as cool. I'm New myself and for me this set of salvation, because I took the same from my sister, but she moved. So I needed a cheaper option and came quickly. And here I ordered and came in 3 or 4 days.
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  7. E***

    Uraaaa! Waited) the parcel came very quickly to the Altai Territory in 7 days, everything is whole, everything works! Colors of varnishes I will lay out later and tell you how all this beauty behaves in work, thank you very much to the seller, responsibly approaches to work, put me a very unexpected gift of 4 jars of gel varnishes, very nice)))) I recommend!!! Take it will not regret, for such a price just super
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  8. A***a

    Thank you seller for the item sent! I got it as it is. No problem! Now I will do manicure myself!☺& Middot;
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  9. M***a

    The parcel came from China to Latvia for a month and a half. One bottle of gel varnish ProTek, but not deadly. The handle of the device very much vibrates, and to change the nozzle you need to put a lot of strength. The lamp works, the gel varnishes are good, only the vials themselves are plastic and easily falling down. Everything else is good. Thank you seller!

  10. E***a

    With the seller did not communicate sent very quickly the parcel reached Moscow in five days thank you very much all I hope and it works Esley that I'll add a photo later
    no remark

  11. A***n

    All is well, everything has come

  12. R***a

    Excellent quality of lamp and gel! The machine is also very good to replace the milling cutters they are weak

  13. F***f

    Thank you for the set, I liked it very much, waited a long time

  14. R***r

    Hello, thank you very much came very quickly all well packed. Everything works. I am delighted

  15. N***a

    In general, the purchase is happy.
    Delivery is fast, TC in Russia was ordered.
    It is a pity that when ordering, the buyer can not choose what he needs in the kit, and what is not needed.
    I absolutely do not need rhinestones, glue, gels for nail extensions.
    Yes, and gel varnishes I would prefer another company.
    But I took a bunch of such offers and chose from two angry smaller, and on that thank you.
    But I want the seller to see and understand what I'm trying to say.

  16. J***w

    took 3 weeks to deliver to Ireland. exactly as described. order seperate uv gel for the nails because there's only a small amount in each jar. other than that, I'm very happy.

  17. V***v

    Awesome set, gel varnishes only the color is not very put, I recommend the seller all well packed nothing leaked 🙂
    no remark

  18. M***l

    Very complete Kit received on time I recommend!
    no remark

  19. R***r

    Everything came quickly! ordered 17.09 came 19.09! The truth had to call the transport service since the phone was not specified! everything corresponds to the description! On quality I will not say did not try!

  20. R***r

    Tawar came in 6 days, everything works even a gift put the seller, thank you
    no remarkno remark

  21. O***a

    A good set for a beginner, everything came out in a week, though the device is weak

  22. R***g

    I came very quickly. 7 days. It's all bad. Thank you seller.

  23. M***o

    Feel free to order it for the price is super fine I highly recommend

  24. A***a

    The order came quickly I'm very satisfied
    no remark

  25. A***y

    All good wife liked it

  26. M***a

    So far 5, then additional, all in place the lamp works, Lucky is not about cast, drove a month with a small

  27. S***e

    The order came in 2 weeks.

  28. A***a

    Shipping is super fast. I ordered from Russia. in the Sverdlovsk region it came in 4 days. The lamp is super, the bottom is removed. The device is quick. Cutters medium, ordered others, these will go for the first time. Lucky is cool, pigmentation is bomb. not liquid, not spread. Colors baldeye, there are necessary (black, white, red and so on., and also with sequins) top and base are quite normal. Also included Steep tips for building, very comfortable. Many small niche Tipo stickers, decor. Tapes, strasikov and so on. Everything came in normal, nothing broke, did not break. Lucky's closed well. In principle, a complete set for a beginner, only need to buy a primer (it is not in the set) tracked until received. very satisfied with the seller and purchase. I will order more)
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  29. A***a

    Cool set for beginner

  30. N***n

    In Brest came the order for a month, the courier brought home, everything is perfectly packed, I haven't tried it yet. With the seller did not communicate
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  31. T***a

    A set of course just fire for your money, but a broken lamp came to me. Opened a dispute, the money was returned.
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  32. S***z

    Magnificent products, fast and safe shipping.

  33. R***r


  34. T***a

    All ZBS thank you

  35. G***a

    The parcel in Togliatti came in less than a week, everything works.
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  36. M***v

    All as in the description only one minus the drill works but smoke the unit itself and stinks plasamas do not know how much it it will work out but it smells creepy on trying to open a dispute will return some money or send a fixed drill
    no remarkno remark

  37. A***a

    Set chic for beginners. Lucky are not bad colors bright, keeps of course weak for 2, but in general everything is chic

  38. E***v

    The goods went more than 2 months, all whole, except three jars, they leaked, well, like everything works

  39. G***a

    Delivery is fast, the set is good only the cutters need to be changed, and so everything suits

  40. E***r

    Everything Super bienn, faster delivery than I expected everything works properly, very happy with the product

  41. R***r

    Thank you to the seller, the parcel came in 5 days. Ordered from the Russian Federation. Everything works.

  42. A***a

    Everything is just perfect, this is the best that you could buy on Alika! This seller will order more
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  43. A***a

    Set ordered with delivery from China, delivery took 30 days. Worried about the long delivery, as many write that the parcel reached them in 5 days, but the seller explained that in 5 days it comes to those who ordered from Russia, and shipping from China takes longer time. Delivered by The sdek service, the courier delivered to the address.
    Everything is well packed, nothing has been damaged.
    The milling cutter is good, but the milling cutters are slightly swapped at speed, but you can get used to it. Cutters in the kit are standard, for work I will order others.
    The lamp dries perfectly.
    In the kit there are 2 bases and 2 tops (slightly liquid), and 20 colored varnishes (all correspond to the numbers). Asked the seller to put black and white lucky, the request was fulfilled.
    In the set there are many items, very satisfied with everyone, for such a set the cost is small. I advise everyone!
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  44. Z***o

    The set is good, the varnishes are certainly not very high in quality, so another 20 pieces-13 shades of red. The lamp ordered a pink, better of course a set with a white lamp, it is more powerful. In this lamp, the gel for the extension dried 10 minutes and still remained soft, I tried the same gel in another lamp-everything is fine.

  45. S***a

    The order went a month, the order is very satisfied, everything is exactly as in the description, everything is whole without damage, everything works)

  46. C***h

    Amazing amazing amazing

  47. A***a

    Surprisingly, the quality is excellent. Nothing broke, didn't split, didn't leak. For the first time everything is fine. Just gradually buy up the missing things that are not in the set.

  48. E***N

    Oltic, the quality is good, delivery to Moscow in 3 days.

  49. V***v

    Everything came, nothing spilled, everything works, for a beginner the most that, the rest had to be bought separately

  50. R***r

    Thank you so much! Everything came as expected. Autumn came quickly, everything works. Thanks for the speed)) very satisfied)))
    no remark

  51. H***a

    Everything came very quickly and fully corresponds to the description. Recommend.

  52. V***r

    The goods came quickly. Ordered on October 7, and 11 he has already arrived at the place of extradition. Everything corresponds to the description. The lamp is slightly damaged, but it works properly, everything else is whole! Lucky was really sticky. Also together with the varnish and came two tops and two bases. I will write it as soon as I try!

  53. S***i

    Received the parcel, it was gift for wife,all the equipments are in working condition, she haven't tried the material yet,

  54. O***o

    It came very quickly to everyone pretty thanks a lot
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  55. E***r

    I loved the products earlier than expected and optimal quality. Thank you

  56. R***r

    The order came quickly, everyone is satisfied, only the lamp slightly cracked, but not scary
    no remark

  57. R***r

    Set class recommend seller
    no remarkno remark

  58. K***k

    Packed well. Tawar originally came to the wrong postal address, the seller helped to understand. I'm very happy to leak then I'll write as in work.
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  59. T***h

    Very complete. Granddaughter loves it. delivery took a while but the result is perfect.

  60. R***r

    A set for beginners good everything you need is, everything works fine I'm very happy.

  61. R***r

    Everything came everything works fine thanks

  62. R***r

    I liked it very much. Everything works.
    Gel varnishes did not tread. Colors beautiful

  63. F***s

    Viskas puiku, Niekas nesudaužyta, Niekas nenubėge, viskas Kaip rwikia, freza puiki, Lempa idealiai, viskas Super!!!
    no remark

  64. R***r

    Everything is fine only one gel and two Chirac you flicked sad

  65. N***a

    Very fast. Everything works. I do not buy it for the first time. Thank you

  66. R***v

    Everything went like in the description quickly in almost a week everything is super
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  67. N***a

    Everything came whole and very quickly

  68. C***e

    All of my items came, and everything works GREAT! I can’t wait to practice and get my new journey started!
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  69. S***K

    An excellent set, the wife is delighted, the case remains for a small learn to use correctly.

  70. E***a

    The kit came quickly, brought the courier sdek home. The set is good, the varnishes are all different and beautiful, the machine works. But the lamp was broken. opened the dispute, the seller returned part of the funds for the lamp.
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  71. S***

    For beginners, as I am just right. The lamp is not a good top.
    no remark

  72. N***h

    The goods came in integrity and safety. The order reached the Kursk region in a week. Wife is very pleased)

  73. R***k

    In principle, a good set. Cutters, of course, you need to change, the top can also buy another, but for its price-excellent.

  74. R***r

    The set is cool, I really liked it. Everything works, everything is whole, the gels are not melted. The order came in 2 weeks, very quickly.
    no remark

  75. R***r

    Everything came whole Thanks
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  76. V***v

    Everything is super!
    Delivered quickly, everything works)

  77. N***a

    Everything is super. As always. Thank you
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  78. R***s

    Thank you to the seller the order came quickly very satisfied

  79. O***a

    I recommend the seller, polite and responsive 100 of 10, madly happy to buy. The lamp is good, all the varnishes are of excellent quality. Delivery 3,5 weeks.

  80. V***l

    The goods came quickly, to Ulan-Ude in 11 days, the lamp, the device is whole, everything works. Gels, Lucky did not tread, everything is super! Seller recommend!
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  81. A***a

    Everything came in the description. Totally happy. Delivered on the third day. Here's the first experiment.
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  82. M***a

    It came in 5 days, brought a courier! All cool, I liked everything!) Thank you, I will order more) I recommend!)

  83. V***r

    All OK works happy
    no remark

  84. H***a

    Fast shipping, I made my order on October 22 and received the order on October 30. Thank you)))

  85. A***y

    It's fine. Only the gel for the build-up a little rubbed from under the lid, but it's okay.
    no remark

  86. M***o

    Excellent. I liked everything. The device and the lamp work perfectly. Packed well. The order is satisfied.

  87. V***a

    Not bad goods, for its value, cases the build-up itself first time, cutters for the device must be ordered separately. In Khabarovsk went 3 weeks
    no remark

  88. J***v

    It went very long almost 3 months waited, the machine came in not

  89. A***a

    All the whole lamp works fine. I order 2 times. Of the minuses, lucky flies quickly. But it's not critical to me.

  90. N***a

    All OK. Set came in 3 days

  91. N***a

    A grade

  92. A***h

    Order to Almaty went a month. Everything is neatly packed. It's great.
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  93. M***v

    The parcel received, thank you very much.

  94. A***a

    Made a friend. I'm 14 years old. It came in 12 days, everything works, it works. The only one that BAF is slightly remember, but it's not scary. Thanks seller
    no remark

  95. D***o

    The set is excellent, everything is fine!

  96. R***r

    Thank you very much seller! I received the goods, everything was in place, it was neatly packed. I'm very happy!!! Fast shipping! Recommend on all 100%
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  97. O***s

    Excellent seller everything is as described. Lack of proof but I trust it is of good quality
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  98. V***v

    Great set for beginners. One of the tops ran out. And so everything is fine, everything is whole, and the delivery pleasantly surprised, quickly and to the apartment. Base and top liquid. Lucky thick, it is better to apply in 2 thin layers. Lamp and frame work. Cutters of good quality. There are no comments.

  99. T***a

    Delivered on the third day home by courier. One varnish flows out and a little gel, but for this they returned the money. The set is suitable for beginners and for home use. I 've already raised and painted my nails.
    no remarkno remark

  100. C***c

    Everything works, came quickly in 3 days

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